25 Days of Giving – daily challenges

Merry ho ho ho! Happy Festivus for all of us! I hope your holidays season is joyful and bright.

Today for Day 25 of Giving pack up a plate of left overs and take it to your elderly neighbor, someone who you know is alone this holiday season or to a local homeless person near by. Today’s act of kindness deserves a shout-out to my beloved partner, as he is the one who suggested that we pack up plates to go!

I just went to visit an elderly neighbor across the way; she invited me in, we had a nice chat and she said that my visit made her day and my smile is the “true meaning of Christmas spirit“. I must say, this was one of the most meaningful of all the days of giving.

And to you; YOU ROCK for hanging in with me and completing all or some of the daily acts of giving. Give yourself a pat on the back, you are a gem – THANK YOU for being selfless, you’ve made me proud.

xo Liliana



Happy Friday ya’ll! Day 22 of Giving is here, holy smokes we’re almost done! Today, I know you’re super busy…so take 2 minutes out of your time and do the below act of kindness…your loved ones deserve the recognition and support!

xo Liliana







Hey hey, Day 21 of Giving is here! Do something super simple and so meaningful today; give someone a special social media shoutout! Give them props for something great they’ve done, highlight their skills and successes. Let’s spread the love and acknowledge each others hard work! Perhaps it’s a friend that has been working really hard to attain some kind of goal, or a co-worker that has gone above and beyond, or maybe it’s your mom who’s been your greatest cheerleader, either way, show them some social media love today!

xo Liliana



We’re getting down to the nitty gritty, welcome to Day 20 of Giving! Only 5 more days…but this doesn’t mean that giving has to end. All of these acts of kindness are taken from my every day life style. Giving is such a gift for yourself and others, wouldn’t you agree? Giving is a choice, you decided if you want to be a giver. Remember my most favorite quote?

“The more people you bless, that’s how you measure success!”

During this last minute crunch of running around shopping, cleaning, cooking…offer one of your friends, a neighbor or a family member to babysit the kids or watch their dog while they finish up their errands. I’m sure they’ll get more done if they know someone else has their back and the kids are fed, safe and happy and that Rocky has been on a few walks, caught the ball and now is getting cuddles on the couch. A few hours will be fun for you, and can surely help someone out. Have fun.

xo Liliana



Good Monday morning! We’re on Day 18 of Giving already, and the days are winding down. How has giving made you feel? What do you notice about yourself? What has changed?

Today, find a local business in your community – preferably a mom and pop shop, and give them an excellent review! Whether it be on Yelp of on their actual website. Write something nice and encouraging, they deserve to hear from you.

As for yesterday…did you give away your old, extra, not needed blankets? If you didn’t get the chance – I know it was Football Sunday – do it today! Better late than never.

xo Liliana

Hey hey, happy Day 17 of Giving! Today, go through your storage and find any old or extra blankets that you do not use and take them down to a local shelter. It’s really cold out there! We had no power in our house for most of the morning today (a power line was out and the BC Hydro crew was working on it for a few hours), my house got so cold…I can’t even imagine having to be out under a bridge some where in this wintery weather. I know we all have a few extra blankets or old sleeping bags lying around. Thanks for doing this in advance.

xo Liliana


Happy Saturday! Today for Day 16 of Giving pack up ingredients and go visit family or a friend and cook them your most famous dinner. If you don’t have the time to stay and cook, perhaps stop at a grocery store and pick up a few bags of groceries to fill their fridge instead.

“Food is the ingredient that binds us together!”

How did donating books go for you yesterday? I’ve heard a lot of feedback that letting go of books was a tough chore. I get it, I like collecting my books too. But what’s better than them collecting dust? Yes, when others get to enjoy them too! Good job guys.

xo Liliana


Good morning and Happy Friday! Welcome to Day 15 of Giving. Today when you get home from work, or school, or if you have the day off…go through your books at home. I know we all like to collect our books, but do we really need all of them? Are you really going to re-read that one book many times over? Or perhaps, would it be more beneficial to share the book(s), donate the book(s) to a library or a thrift store where others can read the book(s) as well? If you’re struggling giving up your beloved book(s), make 2 piles; “must keep” and “could maybe let go of“, then choose a few out of the maybe pile and donate for someones pleasure.

Have an excellent Friday! xo Liliana


Oh snap it’s already Day 14 of Giving! You’ve done a lot of giving of yourself in the last 2 weeks, way to go! Did your co-workers enjoy the treats you brought in yesterday? Mine sure did. For today’s act of kindness, search online for a charity or cause that you believe in and donate $10. If you can’t donate ten…I know money is tight this time of the year, donate what you can. Every dollar counts! If everyone donated $1, can you imagine the impact that would make? If you are unsure of which charity you’d like to donate too; simply Google “charities in my city” and a list will pop up. The Red Cross, Make a Wish Foundation, BWSS Battered Women’s Support Services or the SPCA just to name a few.


“Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.”Byrant McGill

Enjoy. xo Liliana

Wow! Wow! Wow! You have been doing some amazing things during these 25 Days of Giving – you should be so proud of yourself, I am very proud of you. We’re more than half way now. Today for Day 13, I’m giving you an easy challenge, since yesterday’s was pretty tough. However, even though it was tough, I saw really great education on social media in regards to ending stigma. I saw some about ending hunger, racism, sexism and mental illness. I am sure there were many more excellent conversations that happened during the day also. Go you!! One that I learned a lot from was that 1 in 9 people go hungry at work, they do not have a lunch – I wasn’t aware that the numbers were so high. With that being said, check out today’s challenge below, it just so happens to coincide. If you work alone, or have the day off, repeat any of the previous 12 challenges.

Enjoy. xo Liliana

Morning and welcome to Day 10 of Giving!

How many sandwiches did you hand out yesterday? Were you able to donate your time at the soup kitchen? If you liked those challenges, and they felt rewarding, you will enjoy today’s act of kindness also!

Spend a little time playing cards or just conversing with seniors at your nearby Senior Center. Many seniors do not get any visitors, and I’m sure they’re feeling lonely. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to go to your local animal shelter and donate your time walking a dog. Let me know which one you chose, I love hearing all the wonderful feedback.

Remember, life about what you give…not what you get!



Hello lovelies! Today for Day 8 of Giving, give someone a nice massage. It can be your partner or a friend, or even your dog. It doesn’t have to be long, you don’t need to be very good at it either. Just allow someone a few minutes to relax their body, as the human touch is necessary to our well-being. So don’t be shy, go for it. Enjoy xo



Top of the morning! Today’s we’re on Day 7 of Giving.

Yesterday was a tough one, I must admit I myself didn’t get the opportunity (or rather didn’t make the opportunity happen) to give gloves to a homeless person. But I will continue to carry the pair of gloves in my purse over the next few days until I come across someone who needs them. I could have, honestly, made a trip to the part of town where there are many people living in the cold streets…but excuses came up, I had a long day…we are only human right? The feedback I received was the same from many of you; that this was a tough one. So to make up for the fact that many of us missed completing yesterdays challenge, today will be an easy one!


Good morning beautiful people, it’s Day 6 of Giving today!

Yesterday’s challenge I must say was my favorite thus far. I really enjoyed writing my note (which turned into a letter) of appreciation. I really felt so much gratitude in my heart and realized all of the wonderful things this person does for me and others. It was a great gift of giving…and I have decided that I am going to write a few more notes of appreciation to other people since it felt good AF! I think we rarely take the time to pause and be thankful, be grateful and actually tell those around us how much they mean to us.

I also received some really cool feedback yesterday from one of you; “Words of kindness are like free dollars” – I love it! Let’s throw it around like confetti. WOOT!

Today’s challenge may or may not work…depending where you are in the city. Perhaps you don’t pass by many homeless people. Either way, carry an old pair of gloves in your purse, in your backpack, keep them in the car…or buy a pair at the dollar store and if today is not the day, keep on trying until those gloves find a new home. Enjoy!

Hey hey tribe! Day 5 of Giving is here!

Wow is time ever flying by quickly. Are you having fun while giving back? I have received some awesome feedback from you guys in regards to yesterday’s challenge and how it felt to call someone…just to tell them they’re loved. Some thought it was easy, others thought it was hard, some didn’t know who to call, while others called more than one person, some of you didn’t see it as giving…until you did it and felt the energy on the other side of the phone and knew that you had just made someone’s day. Something so simple, yet so meaningful. Some experienced fear behind this challenge, and felt awkward…some skipped this one all together. Either way, I am proud of you for pushing through your boundaries these last 4 days! You’re doing great.


Hello loves, Day 4 of Giving is here bright and early!

But firstly how was yesterday for you? I got the coolest feedback from 2 different people; that they walked around knocking on neighbour’s doors asking if they can do their dishes! THIS is the kind of giving that I like to see, this is what makes my heart sing! How would you react if someone knocked on your door asking to come in and clean for you…at no cost…no ulterior motive…no hidden agenda? We’re living in a world, in a time, where we would automatically either be suspicious of the person or think they were definitely crazy – right? Big kudos to all of you who did go over to a friend’s, a family member’s or to a strangers house (or at least attempt to). YOU GUYS ROCK! Good karma is on it’s way. XO


We’re on Day 3 already….only 22 more days to go!

How are you feeling? How is giving going for you? Are you finding it challenging to find the time, the need, the desire, the way to complete the daily tasks? Or do you feel empowered and grateful and does giving make your heart feel full?

I purged my closet yesterday and donated a bunch of clothes, shoes and a nice warm jacket too! It was awesome to let go of old energy, so that I can welcome new energy in and to know that someone in need will use these items – which is better than them just collecting dust isn’t it?

For today’s act of kindness; perhaps they have a dish washer or no dishes to wash, rather than skipping this daily challenge, swap the chore for something else. Take out someone’s garbage, vacuum their home, walk their dog…or even in your own home, pick up a chore that isn’t yours to make the day a little easier for someone special to you. Enjoy! xo Liliana

Day 2 of 25 Days of Giving is upon us!

How did day 1 go? I got some really cool feedback from you guys; that it was “trans-formative”, “it made negative feelings go away”, “it felt really great to give” and “that more than 5 people declined free coffee until one finally said yes!”. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to let me know how it went. And you may be thinking “WTF who doesn’t want free coffee?“…well in reality, our brain is designed to protect us, to say NO to most things (or yes, whatever is safer in the situation). Actually some people are so negative in their thinking that it will take more than 9 no’s before they give a yes. It is more comfortable to say “no” to a stranger and just to keep it moving, not to exchange energies and to save time. But I bet, the one person that finally said yes felt appreciative, felt appreciated, felt blessed and will cherish this moment, as will you! Now isn’t that worth stopping, exchanging a few words with a stranger and saying YES to something nice? WOOT now, day 2 (since it’s the weekend) takes a little more of your focus…check it out..and let me know how it goes, I welcome all feedback.

Day 1 of 25 Days of Giving

is finally here! I hope you’re as excited as I am! I’ve been counting down the days until I can share these challenges with you. I’ve spent nights thinking of the perfect tasks that would empower you, ways to help you grow as a person, to build up your confidence, your self worth and your self esteem…and mine also…ways to gain new connections and to find belonging in the community. Giving will allow more goodness into your life…so are you ready? Check out your first act of kindness.

Let me know how it goes, I welcome all feedback. I’m super pumped to get the season of giving started – woot woot!

“The more people you bless, is how you measure success!”