Hey beauty, happy Spring!

You know, Spring is my favorite season, the season of beautiful transformation; days are longer, trees are greener, sky is blue-er, daylight increases and flowers are in bloom. Each year I invest one full weekend to thoroughly cleaning my house and this year I thought to myself, “Why just my house? Why should Spring Cleaning only be for my home? What about my soul?” It shouldn’t be just about washing my windows and scrubbing my floors…what about even more important things like aligning my chakras and raising my vibrations? What about bringing more happiness and light in? What about detoxifying from all negativity? What about uplifting my entire world?

I decided that I was going to make a to-do list of all the things that I need to clean…excluding my bathtub and under the fridge, as I’ve recognized that this can wait. I wrote down all the ways I plan to Clean My Soul and I just can’t wait to share it with YOU!

Instead of sending you a long point form list, I broke it down into 4 categories:

  • Your Crown Chakra (your mind)
  • Your Body
  • Your Soul
  • Your Environment

I want to share this with you totally FREE! If it’s something that interests you, shoot me an email and I will send the PDF doc right over. Then you can print it, post it near your bed or somewhere where it will be easily accessible to you and work your way through all of the micro-actions until you’ve uplifted your spirit and cultivated new habits and behaviors that bring your soul into full bloom this Spring.

Let me know how it goes, I welcome all feedback. Xo Liliana