Do you ever feel like “The Jack of all trades, yet the master of none?” Yup…I’ve been there! I was doing a lot of this and a lot of that but my focus was all over the map and I really wasn’t fantastic at any one specific, meaningful thing! I did many things, but nothing that I could actually take pride in and feel 110% confident about. I started to despise this feeling.

Until one day, I made the decision to stick to ONE thing! I know, I know, we get excited and want to try everything at once or we want to please everybody so we’re saying “yes” to everything and everyone! It doesn’t work like that, honey! I know I sure ended up feeling unsatisfied, tired and even resentful.

But once I started to shift my focus to just that one thing…and mastering that one thing…I felt so much better, and so much more confident! Can you relate? If you’re sitting there shaking your head “yes”, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate a few things.  I think eliminating distractions and developing a clear vision is critical for self mastery!

  • set priorities
  • figure out your passions
  • write down smart goals

Do you need some help? Since I’ve walked in your shoes, I can help you get clarity on how to make this mind-shift…and I’ll hold you accountable. Yup…there’s no better way than committing not only to yourself but to someone else. So, if you’re feeling how I felt – over worked, tired, unsatisfied…give me a shout!

I love seeing others succeed. And there is no better feeling than feeling accomplished!

Let’s chat…your 30 minute discovery call is totally free!

– xo Liliana