When is the last time you looked in the mirror and said “I am beautiful”?

When is the last time you felt sexy? Feeling beautiful is not a destination, it’s not “I will be beautiful when I lose 10 pounds”, it’s not “I will feel beautiful when I am a size 2”, it is not “I will be sexy when I get implants, get a nose job, dye my hair, get new clothes…”. Feeling beautiful is a journey and you my darling are beautiful NOW! You already have it goin’ on, you’re already all that, you just need to see it, believe it, know it, own it and rock it!

In today’s society it’s easier than ever to feel like you’re not up to par. You’re not like the models in the magazine, you’re not like the girls on the Gram, you’re not like the reality TV chicks…and you’re right! You are not them, and that is your magic! There are 7 billion faces on this planet, they are all unique, beautiful, special and yours is one of them!

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, I used to think I had a big nose. I’m Polish and we tend to have bigger honkers. I used to put a full face of make up on just to take out the trash when my mom asked me to when I was a teenager. Then one day, I just decided to embrace my own unique face and I feel in love with myself. Now every morning I tell myself how beautiful I am…the more I do that, the more that’s what I see and that is what I believe. I still have the same ol’ nose, but now I wear make up because I like to, not because I think I have to. I’m also 5’9″, 225lbs, I have rolls, I have love handles, I have stretch marks, I have cellulite and I’m sexy AF! Who is to say that I am not? Only I have the power to make or break myself and I refuse to allow anyone to take away my power!

Summer is rollin’ up fast, and I know that is when most people are hitting the gym hard to make sure they get that summer body ready. Nothing wrong with that, I believe you should always be working on improving yourself, you should always be a better you than you were yesterday – however, love yourself along the way! Eat right, exercise, and throw yourself a little wink when you’re looking in the mirror – ‘cuz baby you are one bad mamajama!

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and if it’s something you’re struggling with like I once did, check out a few tips below.

Xo sending love and positivity your way.


Tips to increase your self-esteem

• STOP comparing yourself to others! Seriously, stop that sh*t!

• Focus on the things you DO like about yourself! Your pretty eyes perhaps?

• You are NOT your anxiety or your depression.

• You are not what your co-workers think of you, what your ex says about you, you are not other people’s opinion of you!

• Spend time with those who make you feel good!

• Understand that those girls on the Gram or in the mags are airbrushed and altered, and they took over 100 poses to get that 1 shot that you saw!

• Each day tell yourself that you are beautiful, at first it will feel like a lie and that’s ok! It will take time until your mind makes a shift and starts to believe it.

• Notice your accomplishments and all the good deeds that you do, not just your appearance.

• 1000 likes will not actually improve your self image, you will find something new to obsess over. Likes do not equal your value.

• Start with body acceptance and body love with follow. Embrace your flaws, they make you unique. Why be a copy when you can be an original?

• Do things that make YOU happy!

• Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, make you feel sexy, make you feel jazzy, clothes that make you walk with your head up.

• Learn the power of “I AM”. The words you say after “I am” are very powerful. Replace negative words with positive ones. I am stunning, I am lovable, I am funny, I am kind, I am worthy, I am smart, I am enough!

• Use the time that you would have spent worrying about calories, about your weight, creepin’ profiles and comparing, on something fun! Take yourself out on a date – because you deserve it.


I hope these tips will help improve your overall self image. If you are wondering if perhaps Life Coaching is something for you, give me a shout. Your 30 minute discovery call is totally FREE!

How would your life change if you could…

• feel confident in yourself and your choices?

• acquire balance amidst change?

• overcome anxieties and challenges?

• overcome fears and find clarity?

• find out who you really are?

• remove obstacles that limit your joy?

• smash your goals and live a happy life?