Do you feel like you  are always anxious, second-guessing, people-pleasing, doubting your self, your confidence is low and you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone?

I am here to help you live your BEST life!

I am here to take you from fear-fueled thinking to solution-oriented thinking. I am here to help you regain focus, to untangle yourself and to support you on your goal-smashing journey! What is more important than your happiness? I am here to help you fall madly in love with yourself and your life.

My name is Liliana Maligranda. I am a Confidence Boosting Life Coach and I am here to be your biggest fan!

I currently reside in Vancouver, BC; I moved here from Poland when I was a little girl. I was also once in your shoes, and it took me years to learn to be my own biggest cheerleader. I rode the self-esteem roller coaster for years; being an immigrant and not knowing the language, feeling misunderstood and not feeling like I fit in. I experienced many self destructive behaviors, toxic relationships, much sadness and loneliness along my journey.  Once I discovered the “power of positive thinking” the world became my oyster! I have become my own best friend, bursting with confidence and self love…which in return has granted success in my career, my relationships and in all personal parts of my life. I am living a life that is rich with texture and YOU WILL TOO! You’ll learn to recognize and harness your passions and your strengths and you’ll turn them into something truly amazing! It doesn’t matter where you are in life…what matters is that you are HERE at this very pivotal point in your existence! Everything you want, you will have! I say that so confidently because everything I have, I’ve created for myself. If you’re ready to feel great, smile more, enjoy waking up on Mondays…then buckle up darling, because life is about to get incredibly fun!


My mission is to provide empowering life coaching that motivates you to reach your full potential, find inner confidence &  build authentic self love so that you can be the HAPPIEST person you know!


The majority of my professional life has been in the corporate world. I have climbed my way up a few ladders in my day…however, though I enjoyed my positions, there was always something missing and I didn’t feel fulfilled. In 2010 I was doing some real, deep soul searching and I had realized that my passion was helping people! I did some research and exploring and it dawned on me that I should be a counselor, an Addictions Counselor at that! I reviewed a few colleges in my area and signed up for a 4 year Addictions Counseling program. I worked full time and took evening classes until I graduated in 2015. In part of my studies I had signed up for my practicum at a local non-profit women’s drop-in center in the Downtown Eastside for sex work survivors…3 years later I am still there as a regular volunteer. Somewhere along the way I still wasn’t feeling fulfilled, there was still something missing!

I had read job posting after job posting and I had decided that Addiction Counseling wasn’t my calling. Time had passed and I was still searching within myself as to what mark I wanted to leave on the world. I knew that I wanted to leave the world a little better than I found it. But how?

Then one day, in talking to a dear friend of 17 years she said to me “Lili, you should be a Life Coach“. Fast forward to today, I have successfully completed my Life Coaching studies and am continuously improving and expanding my skills in my chosen field.

Life Coaching is my life’s purpose! This is something I am greatly passionate about, this IS my calling. The point, where my client’s level of trust in me and the confidence in their selves goes from non-existent to greater than any fear, is priceless! This career is something that has chosen me and I am beyond honoured to share my gift with you.