Do you ever wonder why some people come off so confident? They just seem so…cool…and comfortable in their own skin! They have this positive outlook that you just don’t have. How do they have this dope energy about them? You feel automatically drawn to them. How does this happen?! Do they have some kind of magic? I used to wonder…and I even chalked it up to “they probably have money…they probably grew up in a really great home with a super awesome family…the must have no issues or problems!” …but that was just me being ignorant…I simply didn’t understand. Then, I learned that confidence is actually one simple choice that you can make every day – LOVE YOURSELF!

When you love yourself and you own your style, your ways, your quirks…you radiate confidence! You are simply at peace with who you are. Anyone can be confident, it isn’t having money or some kind of magic. It’s simply not apologizing for who you are, not self doubting what you’re saying, what you’re doing…not being worried that you may look like a fool. Confident people aren’t worried about what others think…they love themselves just the way they are! Confident people accept themselves. Confident people aren’t perfect, they have negative thoughts and feelings also – the difference? They know not to allow those negative thoughts to control them! Confident people…well, they leap…and they grow their wings on the way down, and then…with those brave wings they learn to fly! It’s really, actually, pretty simple.

You don’t need to be an extrovert, you can be perfectly confident in your introvert-ness also! Just be genuinely content with who you are in your everyday interactions and experiences. Sure, it sounds easy…but trust me, I’ve been there and taa-daa here I am radiating confidence and happiness every day – you can live the same way!

Check out my 4 simple pointers below…try them out, and if you feel like you’re struggling give me a shout!

  • OWN it!
  • STOP overthinking!
  • BE yourself!
  • LOVE yourself!

It’s really that simple! I do silly and goofy things all of the time, I never worry about what someone might think….if anything they’ll think I’m so much fun and be drawn to my confident-silliness! I make the decision every day that I will feel confident in who I am. Whether I was going to a job interview, or to a party where I didn’t know anyone, I was ME and that was and is ENOUGH!

Let me know how it goes loves!

– xo Liliana