Life is like an 8 piece, delicious, freshly baked pie! Well, maybe not…however self actualization and contentment are a balancing act of 8 pillars in life and wellness.

Do you ever feel like your life is out of whack? I know I used to feel this way all the time; finally something will be going well in one area, and then another area starts to slip. Then I get that part of my life on track, and something else goes left. Fu*king frustrating! Then, a few years ago I found my focus and I unraveled my beliefs in the form of a wellness wheel! This was a huge eye opener. It’s one thing to have ideas in your head of what may be out of balance, what you should/could work on and then to see it on paper. I started printing out a blank chart very 3 months and coloring in my pie of life. I could quickly see which areas of life I needed to work on…until my pie became whole! WOW was that ever an amazing feeling. It wasn’t easy, I had to be REAL with myself. Since then I’ve moved, I’ve cut out toxic people from my life, I’ve developed a new mindset about money, love, relationships and the end result….I’ve found happiness!

Since life isn’t a piece of pie, we need to consciously work hard to attain self actualization, to find true meaning of our lives, to shake the limiting beliefs and fears that others have placed upon us and to achieve overall mental well-being.  There are 8 dimensions or 8 pillars of life…and we need to learn to spin all 8 plates at the same time. Health and wellness must be our top priority…otherwise, what’s the point? If we’re not in good health physically and mentally, money won’t matter, relationships won’t matter, how big your house is or what car you’re whippin’ won’t mean a thing! THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MOMENT! What is the point in working 60 hours per week, exhausted, drained, not in the mood to see any body…but you have money in the bank? What is the point in having a good education if you’re smoking & drinking and you won’t be in good health to benefit from it in the long run? What is the point in buying a beautiful home if you’re not going to have anyone to share it with?


Your wellness wheel!

Now you could read this, nod your head, go back to social media to see if you have any new messages or likes – OR – you could try this exercise.

Will you try it? If yes, keep reading! If no, that’s okay too. You are an adult and you can decide how you spend your time and how invested you are in making a positive change in your life. Did you know that less than 1% of people actually invest in their mental health? No wonder we have so many sad, depressed and unfulfilled people around us. If you’re willing to bite a piece of this pie, follow these simple instructions below…it could be life changing, you never know!

Focus on these 8 pillars of your life

  • HOME
  • FUN

I want you to write out each of these categories and rate each one on a scale of 0-10. Zero being non existent to ten being 100% “super-fu*king-tastic can’t get any better!”

Health meaning your physical health, your mental health, your levels of happiness and satisfaction, including your spiritual and emotional well-being, your diet, your exercise, your appearance…

Family/Friends meaning how content are you with your relationships with your friends and your family. Do you have a strong social network, do you feel supported and loved, are your relationships healthy, honest and reliable?

Personal growth meaning personal development, education, your individual intellect. Are you constantly growing and becoming the person you are destined to be? Are you curious and engaged? Are you reading books, watching educational and motivational videos and movies? Are you expressing yourself creatively? Are you working on your morals, values, are you knocking down your limiting beliefs and are you smashing your goals?

Romance meaning are you satisfied with the partner you have? Are you seeking the right partner? Are you content in your love life, sex life, your companion, are you planning to start a family or get married, or perhaps divorced (by choice)? Do you experience enough intimacy? Do you and your partner communicate? Do you feel special, wanted, loved and supported?

Career meaning are you in the right line of work? Do you enjoy going to work? Do you have positive work relations? Do you feel proud of yourself at work? Is this the right job for you? Do you have the right skills? Are you acknowledged at work? Do you feel valued? Does this job make you feel fulfilled?

Money meaning do you have enough money to cover your basic needs? Do you have enough money to start a savings account? Do you have enough money in case of emergency? Do you make the kind of money you deserve? Do you work too hard or not hard enough for your pay cheque? Are you able to live within your financial means? Are your debts being taken care of? Are you able to leave your credit card at home when you go out and still be able to enjoy yourself? Are you self sufficient? Do you have a budget tool? Are you putting away money for your retirement?

Home meaning what is your home life like? Is it stressful and chaotic or is it calm and relaxing? Is your house clean or messy? Is it organized or cluttered? Do you feel safe? Does your home represent you? Do you feel comfortable? Is it a home you can afford? Is this a home you will stay in long term? Is the environment you’re in a happy and healthy one? Are you taking care of your global, envirionmental and personal surroundings? Are you proud of where you live?

Fun meaning are you doing enough of the things you love and enjoy? Do you travel and go out to movies, concerts, art galleries, dinners, boats, parks, beaches, meeting with friends? Do you have a healthy social life? Do you get enough rest and relaxation? Do you have time for self care and “me time”? Do you laugh a lot? Do you smile? Do you jump, sing, hum? Do you let the little kid inside of you out once in a while? Do you enjoy yourself?


Now, use the below pie chart to color in each category rating between 0-10. You should get a pretty good and honest idea of which areas are in state of emergency and you need to work on immediately! I suggest that you complete this wellness wheel once every 3 months to see where you have improved and where you may be lacking in success. In each area, even the “good” ones, write out 3 action steps you can take right away to improve further. If you feel that you would benefit from my Life Coaching sessions, please shoot me an email and we can book a time for your discovery call.

Let me know how it goes, I welcome all feedback!