Do you remember having a holiday advent calendar as a kid?

Each morning you’d open up the little window and what was inside? A chocolate. But you know what’s even better than receiving…giving!

When you subscribe to My Wings News starting on December 1 I will send directly to your inbox an act of kindness, or a task of giving. It’s up to you to accept each challenge. Since giving feels SO good, I know you’re going to be just as exited to receive my daily mail as you were when you were little! The true meaning of holidays is sharing, giving, being selfless…right? Don’t get me wrong, self-care is essential to ourwell-being, however the more you give of yourself, the more kindness you show, the more gratitude you release…the better you will feel, believe that!

Giving without the need of recognition or reciprocation is the best way to clear your karma, to grow as a person, to build your confidence, your self worth and your self esteem. It’s a way to gain new connections and belong in the community. Giving will allow you to feel empowered, to feel needed and it will allow more goodness into your own life, while putting a smile on someone’s face.

I once heard this quote many moons ago, and it has stuck with me over the years; “The more people you bless, is how you measure success!” Each year that goes by, I believe in this more. Every time I give of myself selflessly, I receive double the blessings. Will you try it with me?

I’d love if you invited your friends and family to join in! All they need to do is sign up for my subscription online ( and they can too partake in the fun!

In the words of Denzel Washington: “At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up. Who you made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

To give you a glimpse into what the daily tasks might look like – it’s nothing that will break the bank or anything you’ll need to adjust your entire schedule to follow – it will be simple acts of kindness such as giving a homeless person gloves, or buying the next person in line a coffee.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am! Feel free to share your feedback with me below, via email, on my Instagram or Facebook.

Stay warm this cold and rainy fall season.

Chat soon, XO Liliana